Safety at its highest level against water damages - The Optidry Monitoring System

More safety for your projects.

Benefits of an active system against passive solutions e.g. RFID


24/7 continous monitoring

An active system monitors the defined areas permanentely and therefore alarms quickest possible. Passive systems are used during roof maintenance for spot checks. The result is only valid at teh time of testing.

Immediate alarming

As soon as one of the sensors registers an increased moisture value above the setting, the alarm goes off. The alarming is done optically as well acoustically at the central unit and as such action can be taken qucikest possible. 

Minimized power consumption

Although our system is continously monitoring, the power conscumption is lowest possible and can hardly be recognized. 


A damage can be detected and localized quickest possible 

By use of our innovative sensors the damage can be sensed in the concerned area. Doing so the fault can be easily and quickly rectified and sealed. Therefore large consequential damages can be minimized.


Maintenance free and without monthly fees

There are no costs for regular maintenance as well as no costs on a monthly basis e.g. to download the data.

Accuracy of measuring method

Passive solutions in most cases can only indicate "water" or "no water". This is critical as small increases due to small leaks won't be detected at early stage. Optidry instead monitors the exact values and the alarm levels can be adjusted to the instalation situation. This supports to analyze the damage and safes hughe consequential costs.


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